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Welcome to the Stellar Hood Project.
The first interactive, fully onchain programmed and executed next gen Cardano NFT.

- The first of its kind -
Breakthrough Technologies
Stellar Hood NFT is a fully interactive Cardano NFT! Click, grab, zoom and rotate your solar system. Select celestial objects to get detailed information. Don't miss the fullscreen button!
Stellar Hood is the first ever truely on-chain NFT! Everything from the thumbnail to the interactive NFT application is placed fully on the Cardano blockchain. There is no external storage like webserver or IPFS. This is the only NFT that can never go offline!
Not only the Stellar Hood NFT application is fully stored on blockchain, it is also executed directly on blockchain: See example on pool.pm
Educational Content Collectibles
The Stellar Neighbourhood
See and study the celestial bodies around our Solar System, our Stellar Hood!
Based on real Data
Every single Stellar Hood NFT of the total 6505 is based on real astronomical data. Measured astrophysical properties of the stars and planets were used to create the NFTs. No thousands and thousands of random generated NFTs but only the real determined celestial bodies.
Focused on the scarcity of habitable Earth-like planets in the galaxy the Stellar Hood NFTs are separated into 3 groups.
  • Common (81%): Non-habitable Exoplanets and ordinary stars
  • Uncommon (16%): Objects in big star systems or nearby to rare objects
  • Rare (3%): Habitable exoplanets and rare star types!
Imagine if life will be discovered on a habitable zone planet and you own it! Cards of the same solar system have the same color. Collect the full set!
Stellar Hood Map
Locate your Stellar Hood NFT in the universe:

⇢ Proceed to Interactive Stellar Hood Map

Please join discord server to claim your naming rights ("Discovered by", "Owned by" and renaming solar systems)
Who are you?
Hello, I am TurboEgon - cardano stake pool operator and NFT developer.
The Drop
Stellar Hood NFTs will be dropped in two editions:
  • "Stellar Hood: The Inner Circle"
    The nearest 99 celestial objects (distance max 35 light-years)

  • "Stellar Hood: Outer Worlds"
    Discover all the other confirmed exoplanets and their suns in our galaxy!
Presale auction of "The Inner Circle" edition cards has ended. Congrats to the winners!

Regular sale of the "Outer Worlds" edition cards started on July 7th and ended on August 29th.


Stay tuned on our discord server or by following me on twitter!
Stellar Hood has entered a partnership to add gamification to the current project, to add functionality to the Stellar Hood universe. Stay tuned for more information!

Twitter announcements: [1] [2] [3]

Gamification Roadmap:

  • Q3
    • Gamification partnership announcement
    • Team building
  • Q4
    • Initial game demo + early access
    • Website built to enable registrations, sign ups and early access
    • Community development
    • Revealing of initial concepts and demos
  • Q1
    • Playable game + early access
    • Initial sale of NFT assets
    • Registration of avatars, ingameID and names
    • Lock in core concept art and base elements
  • Q2
    • Grow community
    • Develop ecosystem and ingame features
    • Release and test core mechanics
  • Q3
    • Release public access