Welcome to the "Stellar Hood: The Inner Circle"-presale page!

- Presale ENDED. -

Presale conditions
The Inner Circle Edition
This special presale edition contains only the nearest 99 celestial objects (cards #1 to #99) and has a disctinct look (white blended cards)!

Since the nearest stars are the best explored, the greatest density of habitable planets is found here. This leads to a higher occurrence of rare and uncommon cards!

The rarity distribution in the "The Inner Circle" edition is: Rare (17%), uncommon (53%) and common (31%) (compared to only 3%, 15% and 82% in the regular sale "Outer Worlds" edition).

Did you know? Cards of the same star systems have the same color. Collect the full set!
The sale
The presale will take place as a special silent auction:
  • The auction will last for a week
  • In this time you can place your bid by sending an amount of ada of your choise
  • If you want to buy more than one card, you must place several individual bids
  • After the auction ends, the highest 99 bids will receive the 99 cards, sorted by rarity first and distance second (see distribution sequence here)
  • Bids lower than the highest 99 bids are automatically returned during the auction
  • You can place new bids at any time during the auction
  • Current highest and lowest bid is displayed during the auction
The giveaway
During this presale you can also get your hands on one of the "Outer Worlds" edition cards (#100 to #6505) which are actually sold later on the regular sale after the presale ends!

- Giveaway ended -

Congrats to the winners!