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Welcome to the Stellar Hood Project.
The first interactive, fully onchain programmed and executed next gen Cardano NFT.

‒ The First of its Kind ‒
☙ EST 2021 ❧
Technology Pioneers
Stellar Hood NFT is a fully interactive Cardano NFT! Click, grab, zoom and rotate your star system. Select celestial objects to get detailed information. Don't miss the fullscreen button🌌!
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Stellar Hood NFT offers the first ever truely on-chain NFT powered by a self-developed technique which paved the way for all the other fully on-chain projects that followed. Everything from the thumbnail to the interactive NFT application of the main drops (Season 1, 2, 3...) is placed fully on the Cardano blockchain. There is no external storage like webserver or IPFS. This is the first NFT that can never go offline!
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Not only the Stellar Hood NFT application is fully stored on blockchain, it is also executed directly on blockchain:
See example on pool.pm
As one of the first established gamificated projects Stellar Hood offers a full spectrum gamificated utility for its NFTs!
Connect your wallet and manage your NFTs in the interactive browser game!
  • Rename star-systems
  • Claim owner and discoverer titles
  • Communicate with others
  • Harvest resources
  • Build Starbases and explore the Galaxy!
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Project Integration
The Stellar Hood browser game is also a platform for other NFT projects to showcase the project by exposing and distributing their NFTs or utility tokens in-game.

There are different options for Stellar Hood players to interact with integrated projects:
  • Collect projects tokens as in-game resources:
  • Use projects citizen/creatures NFTs and their traits as space citizens in-game:
  • Visit unique designed project 📡space-stations in-game
  • ...more to come!

Educational Content
The Stellar Neighbourhood
See and study the celestial bodies around our solar system, our Stellar Hood!

Every single Stellar Hood NFT of the total 6505 season 1 cards is based on real astronomical data. Measured astrophysical properties of the stars and planets were used to create the NFTs.

Focused on the scarcity of habitable Earth-like planets in the galaxy the Stellar Hood Season 1 NFTs are separated into 4 groups.
  • Common (81%): Non-habitable Exoplanets and ordinary stars
  • Uncommon (16%): Objects in big star systems or nearby to rare objects
  • Rare (3%): Habitable exoplanets and rare star types!
  • Ultra-Rare ( < 0.1% ): Extraordinary objects!
Imagine if life will be discovered on a habitable zone planet and you own it!
Land Sale
Stellar Hood Season 1 NFTs (planet and stars) were dropped in two editions:
  • "Stellar Hood: The Inner Circle"
    The nearest 99 celestial objects

  • "Stellar Hood: Outer Worlds"
    Discover all the other exoplanets and their suns!
Presale auction of "The Inner Circle" edition cards took place in June 2021.

Regular sale of the "Outer Worlds" edition cards took place between July and August 2021.

Check out secondary market availability:
Journey to the Stars
The "Journey to the Stars" expansion is an intermediate utility NFT drop and brings new utility NFTs to the interactive browser game.
  • Starbase NFTs: The home of your space-travelers. Equip various modules to unlock unknown possibilities!
  • Starbase-Module NFTs: What do you want to do with your starbase? Travel? Harvest Resources? Explore the galaxy mysteries? There is a module for every purpose!
Find the utility NFT you need in the ▶NFT-Store!

Stellar Hood Season 2!

Two new NFT collections will be added to the universe:
  • Space Stations NFTs will allow players
  • to build, manage and profit from their own huge orbital in-game space stations.
  • Colony NFTs will allow player to build and manage in-game colonies, which will be the first steps on unknown grounds!
Architect Expansion
Utility NFTs will provide players the tools needed for shaping their planets and stars to their liking:
  • Planets can be modified to fit any environment needed for the life forms that are coming.
  • Stars can be modified to other spectral classes, star types and maybe even to something more worse..?
The prepared planets and stars are now ready to be filled with life! Manifold animals and plants can be seeded with the new Genetics NFTs. Players can governate the entire planet, e.g. manage industry, service and tourism sectors.
Who are you?
Hello, I am TurboEgon - cardano stake pool operator and NFT developer.
In 2021 Stellar Hood has entered a partnership with Cardania with the aim of bringing both universes closer on a lore-based level. In 2022, as a next step, Cardanias living land resources were integrated into the interactive browser game where they now can be harvested by the Stellar Hood players.
In 2021 Stellar Hood has entered a partnership with Cardanauts to add gamification to the current project, to add functionality to the Stellar Hood universe. Beginning with 2022 a play to earn game is beeing developed.

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Website ⇢ cardanauts.io
Discord ⇢ discord.me/cardanauts

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